Customers & Projects

At TEREMARK, we do what is best for the customer, not for our business. Frequently many other contractors offer what is easy, most profitable, and obtains a quick sale.  We are in the business for the long term relationship.  Many other contractors utilize models that benefit the contractor, a can’t lose type of approach with models like “Flat Pricing” offering upfront pricing once the tech is on site, with margins that are often 3-5 times higher.  We put the pressure on our team to be efficient, trained and “on the ball”. Not punish the customer for unskilled techs who are inefficient and trying to figure it out.  Other companies (solar) size systems for higher revenues, promise free electricity, and huge tax rebates.  This often isn’t true.  We size our systems smaller, with battery storage so the customer keeps what they make and also have whole home backup for power outages.

some of our happy customers include:

Air One Rentals

Aspen Nursery

Atrium Professional Building

Available Rentals

Backroads Construction

Beau Monde

Bielec Commercial Property Enterprises

Brian Goetz State Farm

CdA Tractor

CEM Lifts

Community Library Network of Kootenai County

Dog House Grooming

Drive Lines

El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant

Gathered Restaurant

Girl Scouts of America

Glenn Vaughn Auto Restoration

Happy Trails/New Hope For Adopted International Adopted Kids

Hayden Cars

Hayden Professional Building

Horizon Landscape Distributors

Idaho State Liquor Stores

JMAC Resources

Living Stone Granite

Locker Room

Master Technology Group

Metal Quest

Mountain View Chiropractic

North Country Chapel

Panhandle Health

Pawsitive Difference

Pendergrass Build and Design

Pierce Company Builders

Peak Health and Wellness

Pirolo Woodworking

Priairie Avenue Community Church

Prodigy Property Management

Rainbow International

Resource Synergy

Rhino Liners of CdA

Rockhound Landscape Supply

Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Sun Rental

Swisstech Precision Machinery

Tessendorf Chiropractic

Tire Rama