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A lighting retrofit is simply an upgrade to your existing light fixtures or lamps. It increases energy efficiency and often gives your office space a fresh, updated appearance. Energy and maintenance savings offset the cost of these projects over time while improving light levels. Utility companies offer rebates that cover most of the cost and we work closely with them to obtain those for you.  There are even tax incentives available for many projects.

Lighting upgrades, in conjunction with lighting controls, provide energy savings and reduced maintenance while adding money to your bottom line. Customers also experience better light quality, improved safety on site and often increased productivity.

All retrofit lighting projects are different with good, better, and best options. We always seek to give you the best option that offers the maximum savings over the lifetime of the system. 

Be sure to contact TEREMARK Electrical Group for a site review and cost proposal made by our professionals with decades of knowledge.

Commercial HVAC control systems or building automation can save commercial property owners and tenants utility and maintenance costs through energy conservation. These can often save so much energy that local utilities offer rebates to add controls and energy efficiency components to your existing system. Our team carefully evaluates each situation and provides options for heating, cooling, ventilation, and indoor air quality controls.

In our current culture, air quality continues to be a major concern for not only employees working in the office, but also for the customers.

We have safe (non-ultraviolet), reliable, and cost-effective products that are being utilized in hospitals, airports, universities, and many other places to purify the air and offer peace of mind while adding energy efficiency to existing equipment.

Contact TEREMARK Electrical Group to better understand how you can best save energy through controls while offering peace of mind to employees and visitors of your business.

Infrared thermography (thermal image scanning) has been used in a range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications, including electrical, mechanical, structural, and more. However, until recently this technology was often mis-applied in building inspections due to lack of proper training and technical protocols.

Infrared thermography is the quickest and most efficient method to detect energy waste, electrical problems, as well as other defects in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the issues are and helps assist building owners and occupants in knowing the areas in need of repair.

Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to perform annual scans to prevent costly outages or harm to personnel.  Check your existing policy as it might even be a requirement of your current insurer.  

TEREMARK Electrical Group provides extensive reporting documenting possible issues hiding in your critical electrical equipment. Knowledge is power and knowing where you are at risk could save you costly downtime and loss of productivity as well as potential safety incidents.

Maybe now is the right time to talk with TEREMARK Electrical Group about the immediate benefits and cost savings of utilizing the sun’s rays to produce electricity.

Solar is not just for Apple and Tesla anymore. Businesses of all sizes are capitalizing on the financial opportunities of installing solar, proving that a solar energy system is a key strategic decision that virtually guarantees a solid financial return for your business.

We take a vastly different approach to solar; we do it with you in mind. We look at the larger picture and work to have you efficient inside the building before looking to add solar.  Often contractors want a quick sale and do not think energy efficiency before having the solar conversation.  Being more efficient first requires a smaller solar system which results in less out of pocket costs for you. We want to be a long-term partner that maximizes your savings while keeping installation costs down. That is what is best for you.

Many businesses in the Northwest were built more than 35 years ago, which means that many of these buildings have electrical systems that were not made to handle today’s electrical needs. This makes an electric service upgrade not only desirable, but a safety necessity. Imagine buying a brand-new sports car only to discover the engine is from 30 years ago and needs to be rebuilt. Your electrical service is the engine of your business.

An obsolete electrical system trying to handle modern electricity needs is not just inconvenient for tenants who constantly struggle with computer repairs due to electric fluctuations, flickering lights, tripping breakers and too few outlets for too many modern appliances—it can be downright dangerous.

TEREMARK Electrical Group has extensive service and troubleshooting experience that can only be gained through their 30+ years of hands on experience. You can have peace of mind that if you have an issue, we probably have seen it before, and fixed it!

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